How to Install GNU Radio

Install some dependencies Install libosmocore Clone the libosmocore repo from github. Enter the repo folder and execute autoconf Configure the package on our system Compile libosmocore and then install it Reload all libs Install GNU-Radio

GRGSM Install: How to capture GSM packets

GRGSM is a pack of tools created by Piotr Krysik to capture, transmit and decode GSM packets using SDR. The gr-gsm project is based on the gsm-receiver written by Piotr Krysik (also the main author of gr-gsm) for the Airprobe project. The aim is to provide set of tools for receiving information transmitted by GSM equipment/devices. Piotr Read more…

How to Install Kalibrate on Kali arm

Kalibrate-RTL This tool help understand what frequencies and channels are used by BTS’s around us. Install dependencies for Kalibrate tool. Clone the kalibrate git hub repository to our machine Prepare our system to install Kalibrate We are using RaspberryPI is better to optimize the script to run on it. Install Read more…

How to Install LTE-Cell-Scanner on Kali

LTE-Cell-Scanner is an enhanced LTE Cell Scanner/tracker Support both FDD and TDD OpenCL accelerated Full Receiver algorithm for LTE 100 RB downlink (Matlab and GNU Octave scripts) from IQ sample to PDSCH output and RRC SIB messages Support HackRF, rtlsdr, BladeRF USRP: Only with Matlab and GNU Octave Install LTE-Cell-Scanner Read more…

USB Wi-Fi Adapters with wireless injection

USB Wi-Fi Adapters with wireless injection

Realtek Wifi Cards for Kali Chipset RTL8814AU Alfa AWUS1900 Alfa AWUS036ACH Alfa AWUS036AC TRENDnet TEW-809UB Atheros Wifi Monitor cards Chipset AR9287 TP-LINK TL-WN821N v3 Ralink Wireless Injection Cards Chipset RT5572 Panda Wireless PAU09 N600 Netis WF2150 Interface monitor mode: Airmon-ng